Kay's Artworks

A small Showcase of Kay's art


    Kay studied painting under three master artists for six years in Sydney before relocating to the Clarence Valley in far northern NSW. She continues to study and create works in her beautiful studio on the banks of the mighty Clarence River.

    Her large oils, with up to 30 glazed layers, capture the essence and the majesty of the oceans she sails across whilst the vibrant colours of pastels give depth and raw nature to her still lifes. Kay's commissioned portraits are painted in oils using impressionistic and impasto techniques. For further details on commissions please email Kay.

    • Great Southern Ocean

      SOLD Great Southern Ocean was painted from Kay's experience of the power of the oceans using dozens of layers of glazed oils on canvas 920cm x 1200cm
    • Sunrise in the Atlantic

      Glazed layers of oil paints on canvas 920cm x 1200cm $4,700
    • Becalmed Middle of Atlantic Ocean

      Glazed layers of oil paints on canvas 910cm x 610cm $2,300
    • Sunrise South Pacific

      Sunrise South Pacific Glazed layers of oil paints on canvas 920cm x 1200cm $4,700
    • Pacific Ocean

      Pacific Ocean glazed layers of oil paints on canvas 610cm x 410cm $1200
    • Self Portrait

      This is a raw self portrait using a mirror painted in oils using impresto impressionistic technique. 470cm x 620cm Framed $5,200


    Kay Studied printing at Southern Cross University and loves working in linocut and etching creating prints of subjects close to her heart.

    • Fisherman

      This is one of the first linocuts made by Kay and depicts a man working a fishing trawler. Edition of 20 $75.00
    • Hove Too 2

      This linocut is a portrait of Kay's friends boat Hove Too moored in Morning Bay on Sydney's Pittwater. Edition of 20 $75.00
    • Mad Girls Muddie

      This is an etching of a huge mud crab caught in front of our house on the banks of the Clarence River. Edition of 20 $125.00


    Having started fine wood carving at age 11 Kay has, over the ensuing decades, developed her three dimensional artworks into stunning creations. Her life studies are originally sculpted in clay then either cast in cold cast bronze by Kay herself or recreated in molten bronze using the lost wax technique by a specialist fine art foundry in Sydney.

    Mother of all Mermaids

  • The Mother of All Mermaids can either come in cold cast bronze with a natural patina or with beautiful enriching pearls, semi precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals and fine glass Czech and Japanese beads. These stunning mermaids can be ordered in different colours. Depending on the colour of the mermaid chosen the gemstones included may be jade, amathest, rose quartz etc. 570cm x 280cm Cold cast $1,300 bejewelled $1,900

    First Lady

  • This lost wax foundary cast bronze is of Kay's yacht First Lady being wrapped in a southern ocean breaker. 40cm x 40cm $ 6,300

    These are a small selection of more of Kay's sculptures

  • These life studies and free form sculptures are cast using the cold bronze method. Please contact for more details